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Derplog 3

Tam: *offers you a bitty xenoformer to cuddle*

pivot: *sucker for alien machines* *skritching*

Tam: sparklet *purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr*

Tam: XD It's one of Shockwave's kids, from the reality Den just showed you the log from

Tam: His mate's a xenoformer

pivot: *nodnod*

Tam: And Mr. Fancy pants logic dude became Mr. Kids all over

Tam: for toothy little horrors with no eyes and scythes instead of hands, the majority of them are adorable

pivot: ...that's the definition of adorable


Tam: some DO have hands, and one or two have a single eye each

Tam: but yeha

Tam: Acid spit, big appetite

pivot: ...their other parent was what?

Tam: Need to introduce Acid Spitter and Wild One to Fallstreak sometime...

Tam: Like I say, she's a xenoformer too. Got mutated

Fallstreak: >_> ...I would like to politely register my distrust of your motives.

Tam: :D

Tam: lol

Tam: They're the unfriendly ones, that need to be leashed

Tam: Though I think Shockwave's tried siccing them on Soundwave's recorders a few times

Tam: *stops one from trying to nom Scorpy's face* Stupid, he'll return the favor.

Fallstreak: Ahh, I mentioned that I'm a friendly kind of person? Who likes other... friendly people?

Tam: XD

Tam: Deherree: *picks up the Fallstreak and plants one on him to see how fast his processor gets scrambled*

Fallstreak: ... *he's been missing this!* *smirks happily* *he came /online/ scrambled*

Tam: XD

Deheree: *finally lets him go when he reboots*

Fallstreak: *could show her a thing or two about rebooting, if she likes*

Deherree: *hands him off to her sister* Here, this one's boring.

pivot: (I'm rooting for him to get punched in the nose by Mass Effect's Shepard. With his own engine.)

Tam: (LMBO)

Fallstreak: /: |

pivot: Fallstreak: *facepalm* I don't think you understand the goal of this exercise...

Sheol: *hugs the poor jet* That's not nice, Deherree.

Deherree: *snorts and wanders off to go kick her smallest brother in the aft while he's leaning over a ledge*

Sparta: *caaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnn flieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee*

Requiem: *sidesteps so brother misses him. Then snerks and walks off*

Sheol: *just hugs the poor jet*

Fallstreak: *doesn't mind /that/, though he doesn't know why she's doing it (except that he is amazing and good-looking and who wouldn't?)* *shrugs to her* Well, what can you expect? We didn't even throw a punch first.

Sheol: Deherree's too young to court.

Fallstreak: ...Is this place full of newsparks? *damn, that's no fun*

Sheol: Well, I think I'm somewhere around a year old. We're Blackout's. *looks over to where the Warlady's laying in the son with her favorite old jet and her scorpion* *laying in the sun

Blackout: *doesn't even care if the kids KILL each other right now*

Fallstreak: A month, a year... *shrug* It all looks the same from four million. *eyes Blackout thoughtfully. That's a very strong-looking bot*

Sheol: That's my commander. She used to be close with a mech from your reality, but he vanished.

Fallstreak: Vanished? ...Who? *what? he used to be in charge of the personnel files, he knows EVERYONE* *...who matters*

Sheol: His name was Skywarp.

Fallstreak: *would spit-take if he had anything to spit. Which lack is a crying shame*

Sheol: *points to Requiem* He looked something like my brother.

Requiem: *has Sparta by the legs and is bonking his head on a rock*

Fallstreak: *eyes him* Yes, yes he would. :| *wheels in head... tuuuurning*

Sheol: *looks around* You want somebody to kiss, hmm? I think Locket's here someplace. She's just a ground pounder, though.

Fallstreak: I've never been too biased. But if Skywarp was here... that means there's a way back the way he came...?

Sheol: Nope. This is head space. *smiles as a G1 style femme around the size of Optimus Prime stops in front of her with hands on hips* Hi, Locket!

Locket: You're you callin' just a ground pounder, KID?

Sheol: :\

Fallstreak: *automatic charming smile, shifting to be in a slightly more dignified/graceful position* No 'just' about it.

Sheol: *holds him out* Fallstreak wants to kiss somebody.

Locket: *mutters about kids, but then pauses to frown at the jet bot*

Fallstreak: *weeeeelll, he's had more awkward introductions* * rubs the back of his helm and chuckles* Well, not just /anyone/, but I could use some good company. *optics flicking over her lines with just enough appreciation to be visible*

Locket: *sees that look and smirks* Put him down, kid. He's not a doll or a pet.

Sheol: *frowning as she sets Fallstreak down, and then goes to help Requiem find the duct tape*

Dreadnought: *has the duct tape, is using it on Apoleia*

Apoleia: :\

Fallstreak: *smirking, catches his feet instantly* You've got that right. *wings flaring out a little as he settles his weight - and checks her for faction markings, just to know*

Locket: *has no markings at all, is just a heavily built, thickly armored femmebot with wary purple optics* You come here a lot?

Fallstreak: Only just started. Maybe I should've shown up sooner.

Locket: I just got here. *tilts head slightly* *smirks* So you want a kiss?

Fallstreak: *returns her smirk, leaning a little closer with a rumble of his engine* Do /you/?

Locket: Depends on what I'd be kissin'. *humor is there, and it's pretty clear this isn't a newspark he's talking to*

Fallstreak: *indeeed* How about a handsome Decepticon warrior?

Locket: *snerks* You know any?

Fallstreak: *and a perfect return shot* *hand on cockpit* Oh, you're /wounding/ me here. Picking on a solo flier?

Locket: *smirk* Slagged your wingmates off?

Fallstreak: I haven't had wingmates since they ran me off Cybertron for being too awesome. It's a very sad story. We'd need some good energon if I was gonna tell you.

Locket: *laughs at this outright. This goof is a rip!* I think the Commandos have commandeered the bar. Or some of those Minicons. *leans back to look through the door*

Tam: (I think I just got a mental image of Armorhide with a Minicon in a blender)

pivot: (...If it's mini!Armorhide, does that make a paradox smoothie?)

Tam: (LOL!)

Tam: (I think he was wearing the last of a certain mineral, whoever it is)

Fallstreak: *hmm* Do we need the bar?

Locket: That's where the fun junk is.

Fallstreak: *and the audience, so...* Ah, they won't mind us. One of the Commandos is a friend of mine. Well. His alt is.

Locket: *watches a Nightwish fly over* Yeah? Which one?

Fallstreak: The shuttle, Movor. Not a bot I'd want to argue with. *this is totally going to work in his favour now*

Locket: *stretches* Ah, him. The tank's kinda cute.

Fallstreak: *ORLY?* I don't think they even know what that means. *blase is him* There's a lot they don't know.

Locket: According to the pink and grey Minicon that tank knows how to get Blackout kissed. *snerks and heads for the bar*

Fallstreak: *saunters along at her side* I wouldn't believe everything a Minicon says.

Lumen: *is the bar tender! Is also watching as a Minicon gets a blender ride*

Locket: *looks at the blender and facepalms*

Rollbar: *leaning on the counter and watching* Y'know, if he's got your name, that's not gonna work. Doesn't matter how many times you push that button.

Armorhide: It's the slagging principle of it. *push, BZZZZRRRR CLUNKCLUNKCLUNK*

Lumen: What principle's that? *has a chug of green quake and wobbles at the kick*

Locket: *brow quirk* I want what the 'tender's drinking.

Armorhide: Some half-pint paperweight shouldn't mouth off to a real 'bot.

Fallstreak: Easily done. *flashes her a smile and leads the way over, only eyeing the Commandos a little. So they do know how to act like normal 'Cons after all.* Hey, Lumen. Are you sharing or is that recipe still in beta testing?

Lumen: *snerks* I'm sharing the end result, but not the recipe. And this recipe was perfected while you were still a gleam in Vector Sigma. *starts getting ingredients and throwing them together*

Locket: *watching the bot in the blender* ...I think he's having fun.

Fallstreak: *can settle for that* *leans against the counter casually* Lucky for me. *optics settle back on Locket while he waits*

Rollbar: *chuckles, the one to actually answer* Looks like it to me.

Armorhide: *dismissive snort*

Lumen: Guess I should've checked how drunk he was. *sets two quakes on the bar in front of Locket and Fallstreak*

Fallstreak: *lifts his and nods thanks* ...The Minicon, or...?

Lumen: Yeah. I know how many Armorhide's had.

Fallstreak: *shrugs, looking at Locket cheerfully* Faction-mates. What're you gonna do?

Locket: *downs her quake in one chug, then holds onto the bar rail and laughs*

Lumen: Good answer.

Lumen: *so totally mixed those quakes at dangerous strength*

Armorhide: *looks up, giving the jet a level orange look for a minute* We're going to have a word with you about that later. *and then he goes back to his business, while Rollbar shoots Fallstreak a sunny smile*

Fallstreak: *nods hastily at the other 'Cons, then summons a swift grin for Locket* And sound advice. *downs a good chunk of his own*

quake: *kicks him in the head with a vengeance!*

Fallstreak: *no fair!* *resets optics and shakes his head*

quake: *aftershock!!!!!*

Fallstreak: *ffff* *awe...some* *shakes head... carefully. Until he's sure everything is still attached.* Huh. That's cleared out the short circuits...

quake: *TREMORS, BABY!*

Locket: *also twitching, and snerking as she does so*

Lumen: *happily setting something else on fire*

Fallstreak: *sputtering laughter*All right, that was a good one.

Locket: *sits up and waves a hand, then goes to get to her feet and winds up headbutting Armorhide in the leg* Whoops, sorry, Littlegun. *up now!*

Armorhide: *eyes her* Who're you calling- *BZCLUNK*

Fallstreaki: *offers her a hand up, laughing still*

Locket: *leans on Fallstreak a bit, then sniggers and transforms. She's one of those freaking big mortar tanks. And she has a BIG gun*

Tam: (you know, the long range suckers?)

Tam: (not mortar... bluh, can't remember. Good for anti aircraft too, but mostly for smoking a town in the next county over)

pivot: (I getcha)

Fallstreak: *whistles appreciatively*

Armorhide: *hmm* *folds arms, looking critical* Huh. That ain't too shabby.

Rollbar: *fishes a Minicon out behind him*

Tam: (XD)

Lumen: *offers the Minicon some of the flaming drink*

Locket: *turns gun toward Fallstreak* Thank you. ^_^

Rollbar: *drops him into it*

Fallstreak: Hey, I'm not blind. ; )

Locket: *chuckles and makes the gun click, then pokes him with it before transforming and knocking back the Minicon drink*

Lumen: o.0


Fallstreak: *wince*

Locket: *blinks, and then takes the little bot in her hand and looks at him* Now how the slag did you pull that off?

Mini!Hide: *wiping drink from his optics* *eyes her* Pull off what?

Locket: Get in that drink. *pokes him with a finger*

Mini!Hide: ...Pure damn stealth.

Rollbar: *easy laughter*

oldHide: *wanders in, picks his small teammate up* Okay, I got everything on the list, let's get back to reality. *turns to head for the door*

Locket: Reality? *laughs much*

Decepticon!Armorhide: *growls*

Rollbar: *mildly* Take it easy, ''Hide.

Fallstreak: *sniggering along with Locket*

Locket: *looks at Fallstreak. Lines self up with bar* Thought so. You're leaning.

Fallstreak: ...*leans on her* Only a little.

Locket: *shuts one optic off and sets the visual on the other to magnify. She's shockingly steady considering what she just drank* Hmmmm...

Fallstreak: *easing as he finishes his drink, and sivers at the result* See something you like? *teasing*

Locket: Hmm. Dunno. *pokes him*

Fallstreak: I didn't think you were the hesitating type.

Locket: Who's hesitating? *scratches at some tar he no doubt got from his smallest teammate*

Fallstreak: *very much yes to the skritching - wait, who left that on his paintjob?!*

pivot: (I gotta run)

Tam: (XD And Fallstreak is left UNKISSED. Perfect)

((Written by fallen_flakes and random_xtras))
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