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Derplog 4

Tam: LOL A certain little green drone just got a crossword magazine in the mail

Den1: awww

Tam: which includes a giant centerfold puzzle.

Den1: lol

Tam: His mama bought him a subscription to the magazine

Den1: heh

Tam: He's currently dancing on the first issue.

Den1: XD

Tam: Fred loves him some crosswords

Den1: he's adorkable.

Tam: XD

Tam: Me, I can't understand why anyone would want to SUBSCRIBE to that.

Den1: no idea.

Tam: o.0 I bought the magazine for my brother so I could tease him he's got a mag with a centerfold.

Den1: XD

Tam: XD

Den1: nice play on words

Den1: ...*Headdesk, snickerfit*

Tam: XD XD


Tam: derrrrrrrrp

Den1: yes, but you love me anyways.

((Written by dens_extra_pups and random_xtras))
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