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Hilarious stuff or character torture? YOU decide!

Mars : Or the sedan thing.
Mars : [Random] You say that like it's a bad thing.
Tam : Hey, Starfoot
Mars : Do you think you're the hippest guy in the base because of your hubcaps?
Mars : [Random] *was sidetracked by "Starfoot" thing, brb*
Mars: [Random] What did you call me? 0_o?
Tam : *chases a Minicon who has decided a Random center thingy will make a great hat*
Mars : (Random center thing?)
Tam : The part that goes in the middle of the wheel
Mars : OKay.
Mars : [Random] *watches Tam chase the minicon off* *turns to Mars* No, I don't think that, but I'm a sedan. It's supposed to be practical, not fancy.
Mars : Sure, just keep telling yourself that.
Tam : XD
Mars : [Random] Hey, at least I can go off road without too much trouble.
Tam : Me too. Sometimes with no shoes :D
Mars : Until you hit a ton of large rocks.
Mars : LOL
Tam : XD
Mars : [Random] *Face* *Palm* I mean in automode!
Mars : What, are you Tracks,, now?
Tam : XD XD
Mars : [Random] What is with you and Tracks!?!? I dont understand it! Sheesh! Just give him a shrine and be done with it!
Tam : *falls over cackling*
Mars : Um, he's one of my favorite characters? And I'm not that obsessed over him!
Mars : [Random] Then why the heck do you keep wanting to watch Make Tracks and Auto-Bop?
Mars : *shrug* Idunknow.
Tam : Because Tracks is a much deeper character than most people give him credit for
Mars : [Random] Actually, I think it's because she likes seeing him in pain for some reason.
Mars : Do not!
Tam : ...He does get clobbered in both his eps, doesn't he?
Mars : [Random] Do too!
Mars : [Random] Yes, yes he does!
Tam : eesh. *hugs Tracks*
Tam : Tracks: *frowny* You're in the way of my baby walking.
Mars : [Random] He drives into a post, gets his wire cut, and almost become crushed Autobot a la Decepticon car smasher in "Make Tracks" and in "Auto-Bop" he gets tied up to a speaker system and complains about the music "ripping him apart."
Tam : He also wound up too wiped for energy to move
Mars : [Random] That too, but Mars got impatient.
Mars : *faceplam*
Tam : lol
Mars : I am not obsessed with seeing Tracks in pain.
Mars : [Random] Are too, just like you're obsessed with putting me in pain.
Mars : Am . . not.
Tam : Hardship turns the coal to diamond
Mars : [Random] Hah! Admit it! You're Rhythm incarnate!
Mars : [Random] *turns to Tam* *lifts up index finger and looks like he's about to speak, and then stops*
Tam : *snerk*
Tam : So you're the spawn of Rhythm incarnate?
Mars : [Random] . . .
Mars : (LOL)
Mars : [Random] *looks like he wants to say something, but can't find the words*
Tam : LMBO
Mars : [Random] *blames his mun*
Tam : o.0 Kia, when did you get LOLed into a kitten?
Mars : [Random] *!!!* *What?!?!??!?!* O_O *WHEREISSHE?!??!*
Tam : *points to little grey kitten sitting and washing her paw*
Mars : And he said I was Rhythm incarnate. You made her into a cat.
Tam : >D
Mars : [Random] *Is. Gonna. Try. Very. Hard. Not. To. Freak. Out*
Tam : Kia: *bittymu*
Mars : [Random] *to muns* Rh-rhy-rhythm is-is a s-sadist. T-tam's just a j-jerk.
Tam : Kia: *startled by something* *bittyfloof and bittysniss!*
Mars : [Random] *was trying to will himself towards her* *STARTLE*
Mars : [Random] *heavyintakeheavyintake*
Tam : Kia: *BIG HIDE*
Mars : [Random] *triestocalmdowntriestocalmdowTHISISN"TWORKING*
Tam : Kia: *bitty cry*
Mars : [Random] *not the bitty cry!* K-k-kia?
Mars : [Random] *willnotflashbackwillnotflashbackwilnotflashback*
Tam : Kia: *so sad kitty*
Mars : [Random] K-kia? *wills himself towards where she's hiding* *willnotflashbackwillnotflashback*
Tam : Kia: *big scared eyes peeking*
Mars : [Random] I-it's o-o-k-kay, Kia. Y-you're safe, Kia.
Tam : Kia: *Random is scareds, so she is too. Cower and shiver and bitty cry*
Mars : [Random] *mustering up courage he has never had* C-come to me, Kia? P-please?
Tam : Kia: *looks at him with those big scared eyes*
Mars : [Random] *sees this and turns and leans back against a wall, shuttering his optics, and trying to keep his breathing even*
Tam : Kia: *belly crawly*
Mars : [Random] *concentrate* *he's okay, she's not one of them* *she won't hurt him* *she's not one of them* *she won't change size*
Tam : *sneeze*

Kia: *FLOOF*
Mars : [Random] *can hardly surpress startle*
Mars : [Random] *intakeintakeintake*
Tam : Kia: *scoot! Hide behind Randomfoot*
Mars : [Random] *had opened optic shutters again at moment* *somethingmovedrightthere!* *trytocalmdowntrytocalmdown*
Tam : Kia: *bitty cry*
Mars : [Random] K-kia? *knows that she's probably freaking out because he is* *tries to calm down*
Tam : Kia: *so sad cry*
Mars : [Random] K-kia w-we're n-not in da-dan-danger. I-I just-just ca-can't--*has to intake hard* I just--Kia, I'm--I h-had--
Tam : Aha, I got the LOL paddle.
Mars : [Random] *startles out of stutters* What?!? No!
Tam : What? I can make her not a cat with this. *brandishes big chunk of wood at tiny kitten*
Mars : [Random] O_O *WHATDOYOUTHINKYOU'REGONNADOTOHISBABY?!?!?!* B-but you c-could h-hurt her with that!!!!!!!!!!
Tam : She'll self repair!
Mars : [Random] O_O *MENTALFREAKOUT*
Mars : [Random] O_O;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
Tam : Blackout: *sneeze*

*startles and hits RANDOM with the paddle... and cats him?*
Mars : [Random] *PANIC*
Mars : (Am I overdoing teh caplock?)
Tam : 0_0 *peeks at Mars and gets ready to run*
Mars : 0_0 Oh my . . .
Mars : This isn't gonna end well . .
Tam : Um. Think of the bright side. You could join the derplogs and put this in there.
Mars : [Random] *FEELS SO DIFFERENT WHAT--* MR--! . . . . *Oh no; is-is--*
Mars : Heh. With some major punctuation edits. *facepalm*
Tam : Nah. LOL Derplogs don't get a lot of edits. They're just pure derp. XD

Kia: *looking at twitchy tail* 0_0
Mars : lol
Mars : [Random] *Calmdownwillcalm--WILLNOTCALMDOWNISACAT*
Mars : lol
Tam : Kia: *chomp*
Mars : I don't know if this is "derp" as much as it is character torture.
Tam : I'm laughing
Mars : [Random] *OUCHTHATHURTWHAT-- . . . Kia*
Tam : And it would include our OOC comments as well as them.
Mars : I'm not. I have to live with im.
Tam : Kia: *bitty pitty paws at the tail she's got in her mouth*
Mars : [Random] *that hurt, and still hurts but he can't hurt Kia*
Tam : Kia: *and then she's hugging the tail and purring to it as she rubs her cheek on it*
Mars : [Random] *slumps with relief . . . and oddly comfort*
Tam : Kia: *lub lub lub sleeeeeep 'n sing*
Mars : [Random] *can get closer, yes?*
Tam : Kia: *sleep 'n sing*
Mars : [Random] *will move carefully beside her then*
Tam : Kia: *snuggyluv*
Mars: [Random] *will snuggle back and forget that he's currently a cat*
Tam : XD

((cowritten with random_xtras))
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