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derplogs's Journal

The Derplogs
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1. This place is for the entertainment of ourselves and others. That being said, we understand that not everyone shares our opinions... Heck, we don't always agree with one another, but we have proven that we can be civil to one another. We expect the same from our members.

2. Please try to keep the cussing to a minimum. Yes, Den-Mod has a tendency to cuss on her main LJ, but if she can refrain from cursing around here most of the time, you can too.

3. We have members who have wildly differing views on the world and different backgrounds. Such is the nature of the 'net bringing people together. Again, we get along because we act in a civil manner. No mocking of anyone's background, religious viewpoints or lack of, dietary choices, hobbies, or anything else pertaining to the individuals of this community. We may jokingly go "Eww" about some things, but it's always meant as a joke.

4. We do not care for spam. We get enough of that crap over AIM, and it's annoying enough there.

Any additional rules will be added as necessary.


dens_extra_pups aka the Friendly/Slightly Snarky (okay, pretty snarky) Mod. She's the one who will be doing most of the behind the scenes work to keep the community up and running, ie: the technical stuff like layouts and member approval. She lives in a rural community, and dreams of living in Omaha, Nebraska, because her hometown does not even have a Wal-Mart, but it does have a Victory Ship named after it.
random_xtras aka the Friendly/Slightly Oddball Mod. She's the brains behind the whole Derplogs comm and is the one who keeps Den1 in line, as well as doing general rule enforcement. She lives in Wolverine's hometown, which is much larger than Den1's hometown by a lot and which does NOT have blizzards while New York is having summer.